John Paige (B.A. Macalester College) is a first year P.h.D. student in Statistics at the University of Washington, Seattle.  He is currently working with Professor Peter Guttorp on mapping uncertainty in tsunami hazard, employing methodologies from uncertainty quantification and statistical emulation.  Between graduating from college and beginning his studies at the University of Washington, he spent a year working at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.  He worked at Lawrence Berkeley Lab with Dr. Daniel Feldman on dimension reduction using principal component analysis in remotely sensed spectral data, and working with CMIP5 climate model output data.  At the National Center for Atmospheric Research he worked with Doctors Doug Nychka and Dorit Hammerling on computational methods in spatial statistics, specifically accelerating the fields spatial statistics R package using GPUs, more advanced joint maximum likelihood estimation algorithms, and streamlined covariance calculations.