This page contains R and MATLAB code I have worked on in my research at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and the University of Washington Statistics Department.

Much of my code is available on my bitbucket and github pages, and some can be found on my University of Washington server at:


Although Dr. Doug Nychka is the primary author of the fields R package for spatial statistics analysis, I collaborated with him on streamlining certain fundamental computations in fields.  In addition, I added some variogram and distance functionalities, and I added a MLE function to perform joint likelihood optimization over all spatial model parameters simultaneously.  The fields package is freely-available on CRAN.


While working with Dr. Doug Nychka on the fields R package for spatial statistics analysis, I wrote the fieldsMAGMA package.  fieldsMAGMA, available on bitbucket, uses the MAGMA library for dense linear algebra operations on heterogeneous computational architectures (architectures using both CPUs and GPUs together) to optimize certain fields functions.  In addition to installation instructions being provided in the package itself, there are technical reports published online detailing the installation process.

CMIP5 Reformatter

While working with Dr. Daniel Feldman at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory I wrote a program to reformat CMIP5 climate model output data from the numerous formats available to one that it could be used with MODerate Resolution TRANsmission (MODTRAN™).  My code is available on github.

For more information about the above projects, contact me at